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After copying this template to your project, you will need to change the information in the CITATION and DESCRIPTION files, as well as update the YAML header of book/index.Rmd and book/_output.yml. Update site-specific logos in book/images/logos/.

If you are not part of the psyTeachR group, please edit the Google Analytics ID in include/google-analytics.html or comment out the relevant line in book/_output.yml.

Render the book using the code in _render.R.

0.1 Changes

0.1.1 Version 2.1 2021-10-14

  • Updated webexercises styles to include a green check and red X for correct and incorrect responses.
    • book/include/webex.css (replace)
    • book/include/webex.js (replace)
  • Changed the name of book/include/header.html to book/include/google-analytics.html to better reflect its purpose.
    • book/include/header.html (delete)
    • book/include/google-analytics.html (add)
    • book/_output.yml (change line 10)
  • Updated rendering functions to not render pdf epub or mobi by default
    • _render.R (replace)
    • Makefile (add)