• Coding Club: A bi-weekly tutorial for fun projects with R code. We’re currently making a quiz Shiny app.
  • Redesigning methods curricula for reproducibility: Workshop on experiences, insights, and teaching materials for the transition to teaching R across all undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Hack Your Data Beautiful: A workshop sponsored by the SGSSS to teach social science and humanities postgraduates coding skills to make your own website or to visualise your data in a way that is engaging and rigorous.




  • Shiny Tutorials: A series of tutorials for creating shiny apps for psychology research and teaching.
  • Academic Webpages: How to create a simple academic website using GitHub and RStudio.

R Packages

  • webexercises: Create interactive web tutorials using RMarkdown for self-guided learning (formerly webex ).
  • faux: Simulate data with factorial designs.
  • markr: An R package for creating individual feedback documents and marking summaries from flexibly organised spreadsheets and other types of input.