22 U

22.1 UI

The User Interface. This usually refers to a Shiny App as the user will see it.

The UI is defined as an object using (e.g.) fluidPage() or dashboardPage(). The UI is in contrast to the server object, which processes information the user inputs (e.g. via widgets) to the UI, and can reactively render the app's UI. This means that the UI can look completely different depending on the actions of the user. See this shiny basics article for more.

22.2 uniform distribution

A distribution where all numbers in the range have an equal probability of being sampled

x <- runif(100000, min = 0, max = 100)
Uniform Distribution

Figure 22.1: Uniform Distribution

22.3 univariate

Relating to a single variable.

Usually used in the context of the analysis of a single dependent variable.

Table 22.1: Univariate data with 3 scores on the same task per person
id stroop_1 stroop_2 stroop_3
S1 14 11 10
S2 12 14 8
S3 10 12 8
S4 10 12 7
S5 13 10 9

Contrast with multivariate.

22.4 URL

The address of a web page (uniform resource locator)

A URL consists of five components:

scheme ":" ["//" authority] path ["?" query] ["#" fragment]

For example, the URL of this page is https://psyteachr.github.io/glossary/u.html#url

  • scheme: "https" (the secure hypertext transfer protocol)
  • authority: "psyteachr.github.io" (host)
  • path: "/glossary/u.html"
  • fragment: "url"